About TSD - Summary

Technical Sales Development (TSD) offers Sales Transformation Solutions, including Training and Services that help Sales Teams:
  • Increase revenue through better technical and business qualification, and aligning solutions to the customer’s business needs
  • Improve margins by positioning differentiated business value, eliminate technical and business obstacles and objections, and reduce perceived risk in the solution
  • Increase sales effectiveness by better qualifying deals, reduce the time to closure by uncovering and overcoming risk to the deal, and thus reduce the cost of sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing business value throughout the sales process, thus resulting in referenceable customers and repeat business

TSD also specializes in conversion of in-person presentations and training to a webinar format, and has developed training for individuals who deliver via webinar — ensuring maximum impact & uptake by the participants.


Our approach is to leverage the best of SEs and AMs as a TEAM.

TSD equips Sales Teams to win more business by providing processes, tools, and a consultative mindset for Account Managers (AM) and Sales Engineers (SE) to manage and optimize their sales opportunities.

Other solutions at best focus only on AMs at the exclusion of the SEs, or simply “flea-dip” the SEs into AM training, which results in a sub-optimal results for AMs and SEs.

We help Account Managers (AM):

Win New Business and Grow Deal Size

Win New Business and Grow Deal Size by developing relationships at higher levels within the prospect/customer organization, uncovering new opportunities with new prospects, and expanding existing or finding new opportunities with current customers. One of our customers saw a 16% increase in bookings in the first 2 years of the program implementation.

Increase win rate

Increase win rate by focusing on which deals to pursue and thus improving the pipeline predictability and visibility. One of our customers documented a 16 point increase in win-rate from upper-50’s% to mid-70’s% using the consultative sales processes and methods.

Improve margins

Improve margins by taking the discovery process beyond requirements and specifications, to discover the “Relevant Executive(s),” putting together a plan that links to their key drivers, thus differentiating your company from the competition, compelling action on the part of the prospect, and increasing the perception of true business value.

We help Sales Engineers (SE), Solution Architects, and Technical Specialists:

  • Improve revenue by finding and managing Risk to the Deal.
  • Improve win-rate by achieving Technical Closure, leading to higher probability of Business Closure for the AM.
  • Improve customer relationships by helping the prospect become more successful in supporting business outcomes for their company.
  • Build a wider and higher-level network of stakeholders on both the technical and business side.
  • Improve quality by crafting solutions that solve the customer’s business problem.