customer buying process

Program Overview

The Customer Buying Process workshop is designed to allow sales professionals to gain insight into the thought process (or lack thereof) of any Stakeholder (anyone involved in the Buying Process from IT to Business Decision Makers to Procurement to 3rd Party) whom they are trying to influence.

This workshop is unique in that instead of focusing on our sales process and what we’re doing, we focus on the buying process and what the prospect needs in order to buy and how we can guide and align to their thinking and their process.

The workshop delves into the psychology of the influencers and decision makers involved with the opportunity, focusing on the importance of how they see your company, the sales team, and the proposal, allowing for the most impactful engagement possible.

The workshop is designed to be delivered as a 2-Part Webinar (Two 4-hour sessions over two days), plus prework, plus homework.


Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. The Sales Challenge
    2. Buyer Decision Process Overview
  2. Psyching them out!
    1. The Science of Decision Theory
    2. Mental States a Stakeholder goes through and why it is important to recognize the states and how to leverage to win-win outcomes
    3. Framing
    4. Value Prism
    5. Choice Biases
    6. Risk Biases
  3. Stakeholder Strategies
    1. Overcoming Inertia
    2. Decision Process Traps
    3. Stakeholder/Seller Connection
    4. Stage Signs
    5. Buyer Verifiable Outcomes
  4. Summary & Close

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to…

  • Describe and Discern Stakeholder Decision Behavior and how this affects the decision process
  • Describe the psychological and behavioral stages the Stakeholder goes through in making a decision, and the traps they can fall into
  • Better able to define and help drive the compelling reason to change – overcoming status quo/”do nothing”
  • Align the sales process to the customer’s buying process to help position you for a win
  • Describe the mental stages a Stakeholder goes through in choosing an alternative and how to overcome or leverage
  • Recognize the psychological and behavioral challenges you face in working with Stakeholders and committees
  • Be better prepared to interface with and influence various Stakeholders in the buying process
  • Describe how the Buyer’s Process links to your selling process and why that matters
  • Understand and apply the concept of Buyer Verifiable Outcomes
  • Recognize the Buyer stages traps, tricks, and tips