Just to summarize some key points:

  • SOS for D365 addresses Opportunity Qualification, Competitive Strategy, Political Landscape, Action Planning, and Value Proposition
  • The App is fully integrated with D365 Opportunities to take advantage of Contacts/Influencers, Activities/Actions, Competitors/Strategy in the context of the Opportunity Snapshot
  • Although there are plenty of job aids built into the SOS for D365 App, the real impact and value for Sales Teams only comes with proper training.
    • The training is 8 hours – either 1 Day in person, or Two 4-hour virtual ILT sessions over 2 days. .
  • Even if you can use it on your own, you are most likely missing out on the real power of the methodology and process.  Therefore we strongly recommend that you take the accompanying training.  Many aspects of the training are useful even when not using the App. For more information on training please click here.
  • Please call or fill out contact form for more information or for pricing.
  • The SOS for D365 App auto-installs from the AppSource after answering a few configuration questions.
  • After installation you will have 14 days free access to the first of 4 key parts of the App
    • The “Snapshot” with the 9 key Qualification Criteria.
  • After training or after we have talked live to confirm how to proceed, the other 3 parts can be enabled:
    • Competitive Strategy
    • Value Prop/Action Items
    • Influence Map – the visual tool to map out the Stakeholders and the Flow of Influence
  • Looking foward to talking with you!