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Microsoft D365 Partners

SOS for D365 can help you increase revenue, customer success, and renewals

  • Does this sound familiar:
    • For you to be successful your customer’s Sales Managers need to successfully utilize D365 for pipeline management, coaching, etc.
    • In order for Sales Managers to do this properly they need accurate information in the D365 system.
    • Unfortunately, most Sales Professionals look at the D365 system as a nuisance or extra step – D365 doesn’t necessarily help them sell.  So they put incomplete or last minute information in the D365 system mainly to pacify Sales Management.  This data therefore is not always accurate, causing uncertainty of the data for Sales Managers.
    • So, Sales Professionals don’t want to use the D365 system because they don’t feel it is useful, yet Sales Managers rely on the Sales Professionals to use D365 for all sales interactions.
    • And that can negatively affect your success, revenues, and renewals.
  • Here’s HOW SOS for D365 helps:
    • SOS is a D365 App that is exclusively designed to help Sales Professionals sell, thus driving up D365 adoption, and generating more complete, accurate, and updated information to be used by Sales Management.
    • So, Sales Management gets the accurate and timely data they need.
    • Which allows you to sell more D365 solutions and services.

Announcing the “SOS for D365 Partner Advisory Board”

To get you started with SOS for D365, TSD is offering a limited time, limited space opportunity to provide your input.

  • What you will get:
    • Free training on SOS Methodology for one CXO and one Sales Person in your organization.  This training will equip you with full understanding of the SOS Methodology and the SOS for D365 tool which supports it – SO YOU CAN TRY IT AS YOUR SALES PROCESS.  The training is just 2 sessions of 4 hours over 2 days.
    • Application of the SOS Methodology to a live D365 opportunity during the workshop.  We’ll track this opportunity (as a minimum) over the 60 days, and measure the workshop/methodology/tool impact based on whether:
      • The probability of winning the opportunity went up
      • The opportunity is won
      • You decided to exit from the opportunity to pursue other better-qualified opportunities
    • Free use of SOS for D365 for 60 days.
    • Free coaching and guidance during the 60 days.
  • What we’re looking for from you:
    • Feedback on how the SOS Methodology and Tool works for you to help you sell D365 solutions
    • Feedback on how the SOS Methodology and Tool can become a critical part of your D365 Solutions and Services offering
    • Serious consideration to sign up to be one of the FIRST SOS for D365 Resellers

Here’s how you can get started

Please contact us to sign up, request more information, or express your desire to be one of the first SOS for D365 Partners

Thanks for your interest in SOS for D365!   We look forward to working with you!

SOS for D365 Featured at CRMUG Phoenix October, 2018