SDI focuses on the core Motivational Value System (MVS) which inform all aspects of a person’s behavior and how they interact, but in addition, also determines what specific Conflict Sequence (3 stages) a person goes through in conflict.  SDI also has optional modules on Strengths (thus the name – “Strengths Deployment Inventory”), but the core is MVS and Conflict Sequence.

Simply stated, SDI is about empowering people to improve relationships and manage conflict more effectively.

These two key assessments – MVS and Conflict Sequence, allow you as a Coach or manager, as well as all members of the team to better understand the communication preferences, and ways to know if someone is in conflict, as well as helping the individual understand better how to communicate with others and recognize their own MVS and Conflict Sequence to better communicate and avoid conflict escalation.

Each person in the team takes a 20 question evaluation electronically in advance of the workshop.  Everyone gets their own personalized report and the results are plotted a chart, showing everyone’s MVS and Conflict Sequence, so there is full transparency by and for everyone.  We then walk through what it all means and how to use it to maximum benefit for the group during a 4-hour web-based workshop.

Here is an example of 5 people plotted on the chart.  The Dot indicates their MVS, and the Tip of the Arrow indicates their Conflict Sequence.  The larger the distance between the base and the tip, the more dramatic their conflict sequence is compared to their “normal” MVS.